NCTS System
Customs Agency CEL-MAR offers support of business entities in the electronic NCTS system with its latest function - automatic handling of transit security.
Applications are executed on the basis of the SAD in both the normal procedure and simplified.
We provide comprehensive services for commodity trading under the common transit procedure WPT:
  • make transit customs clearance under the NCTS system,
  • issue T1 & T2 transit security.
NCTS is `New Computerised Transit System` for servicing Community transit procedure in the EU and the WPT common transit procedure on the TDT. NCTS supports the transport of goods under common / Community transit procedure in all units of the Customs Administration, which are made clearance of goods, and in the countries of the enlarged European Union and the EFTA countries which are parties to the Convention on the WPT (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland).

Having the many years of experience in foreign trade national entities provide our customers solid and reliable service in the preparation of new documents under the NCTS system.