Comprehensive Customs Services
The offer of CEL-MAR Customs Agency is including:

as regards the foreign trade:
  • comprehensive customs service of companies, in an import, an export, a transit and in an economic procedures,
  • export customs clearance in the ECS system,
  • transit customs clearance in the NCTS system,
  • customs clearance in the simplified procedure,
  • issuing of customs documents and transport:

    - SAD declaration,
    - SAD-BIS declaration,
    - certificates of origin,
    - certificates of origin EUR.1,
    - international bills of lading CMR,
    - TIR carnet,
    - CIM bills of lading,
    - SMGS railway bills,

  • customs systems service: NCTS, ECS, ZEFIR, PUESC,
  • preparing license applications under the economic customs procedures,
  • payment of import customs duties and other charges,
  • security under the Common and Community Transit Procedure, in the transit procedure for T1 and T2 documents,
  • security property on the account of a customs debt owed on goods in import procedures,
  • representation before the customs authorities:

    - submission of cancellations,
    - preparation of applications for all issues of customs,
    - preparation of any applications, also for registration in the EORI and PDR systems,
    - preparation of certificates of origin,

  • customs consultancy,
as regards the Community trade:
  • preparation of INTRASTAT declarations,
  • preparation of individual summaries,
  • sending declaration to customs houses,
  • archiving data submitted to the customs hous,
  • representing before the customs house, placing an explanation,
  • preparation of VAT summarizing declarations,
  • preparation of declarations to the tax offices