AEO Certificate

On 13 August 2010 the company CEL-MAR awarded AEO Certificate

AEO Certificate

The AEO status is an institution of the Community Customs Code, which was introduced into the legal order of the European Union on 1 January 2008. Aim of creating a secure supply chain and the fight against terrorism.

Authorized economic operator (AEO) is a businessman holding one of the certificates:

- certificate AEO C - to simplify customs;

- certificate AEO S - safety and security;

- certificate AEO F - customs simplifications / Security and Safety.


AEO status is a recognition of the trader for Authorised Economic Operator, ie. An entity privileged, which has a number of facilities in making trade in goods. The AEO status granted in one EU Member State is recognized throughout the Community.

The AEO certificate provides assurance of compliance with Community law when making international transactions.

The AEO status refers to those involved in customs operations, and thus, among others, producers, engaged in bonded warehouses, carriers, forwarders, importers and exporters.

It should be emphasized that the status is available to all operators, regardless of the size and scope of their operations.

The AEO status can be granted to any economic operator established in the customs territory of the Community fulfills the following conditions and criteria:

  • adequate compliance with customs requirements,
  • satisfactory system of managing commercial and, where appropriate, transport records, which allows appropriate customs controls,
  • documented solvency,
  • where applicable, appropriate security and safety standards.

The benefits of having the AEO status.

The receipt by the company of the AEO certificate confirms both the entrepreneurs themselves and for their partners that they are reliable partners for the European Union`s customs administration. Logo AEO, which entrepreneurs can use after obtaining the AEO certificate, it is also the information, that the company can safely contain all trade agreements, and it is the best partner for cooperation.

The holder of an AEO certificate depending on the status of the use of the following facilities:

  • subject to other entrepreneurs less than the number of physical controls and documents,
  • if selected for inspection is carried out as a priority,
  • provisions for early notification of the designation shipments for inspection,
  • the right to make an entry summary declaration with limited safety data,
  • the possibility of applying for an inspection at a place other than the customs office,
  • to withdraw from the request of a security where the customs legislation provides its elective assembly, eg. in the case of customs procedures,
  • priority handling of all applications, eg. for licenses, certificates, etc. correct customs declarations. made by or on behalf of holders of AEO,
  • providing information on changes of customs regulations, instructions etc. in the form of newsletters sent to the electronic mailbox persons designated to contact the customs authorities,
  • the possibility of recognition of the status in third countries.

Having a privileged status AEO is not mandatory, but it is the privilege of finding itself among traders deemed reliable partners.

A common is that contractors prefer the collaboration with the AEO or require such status from its business partners. This is due to the fact that the more entities AEO is involved in the international supply chain (ie. The Trust for the Customs), the higher the security guarantee the flow of goods in the chain, and thus the greater the favor of the customs authorities.

Achieving AEO status allows for more efficient and faster action of the customs clearance of international shipments and ensures confidence to deliver materials on time to the customer.

AEO and simplification of customs

The authorization to use customs simplifications required to meet the criteria coincide with the requirements of AEO. Therefore, any person holding or applying for enabling the use of simplified procedures must meet similar requirements. In case the entrepreneur applicant for a license to use simplified procedures, holds an AEO certificate, it is considered that the criteria and conditions necessary to obtain authorization to use simplifications are met.